I TRAPPED THE DEVIL - Directed by: Josh Lobo - IFC Midnight

Hal - Theatrical Trailer - Sundance - Director: Amy Scott

Childrens National “Light Up Dr. Bear” 30 - Directors: Twin Taeors

Childrens National “Light Up Dr. Bear” 15 - Directors: Twin Taeors

Pura Still “Bubbles Holding You Back” Director: Catherine Losing

Pura Still “Weigh You Down” Director: Catherine Losing

LAPhil “Past:Forward” Director: Jonathan Stein

FedEx "The New FedEx.com" Director: Steve Pappin

OpenTable "Anthem" Director: Brian Morrow

OpenTable "Plant Food Wine" Director: Brian Morrow

OpenTable "Spartina" Director: Brian Morrow

FedEx "Packaging Lab" Director: Brian Morrow

Amon Amarth “Ravens Flight” Director: Roboshobo

Amon Amarth “Crack The Sky” Director: Roboshobo