Photo Credit: Yuki Noguchi

Photo Credit: Yuki Noguchi

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Spence would accompany his parents in outreach programs to runaway youths in the downtown area. At a young age Spence befriended these disenfranchised youths, many of whom were artists and musicians who had lost their way.

This early exposure to unbridled creativity has stuck with Spence throughout his life and has set in him a burning passion for creativity.

An early fascination in Science and Medicine led to a Internship Program at the prestigious Oregon Health and Sciences University in his early teens, researching and performing tests for the study of Mitochondrial Nuclearization. This early exposure to science and medicine technologies informed in Spence pinpoint accuracy and technique.

Post High School, Spence attended Brooks Institute of Photography where he studied Cinematography and Commercial and Narrative Direction. After his time with Brooks he interned at Raw/Progressive films, working closely with renowned commercial directors and writing treatments.

While at RAW, legendary Music Video and Commercial Director Wayne Isham hired Spence as his full time professional assistant. Over time more and more trust was placed in Spence and his roles varied from assistant editing, post supervision, production co-ordinating, art direction, camera operating, on up to Second Unit Direction. 

Spence shot Second Unit for several other directors before Directing content in his own right. His major label Music Videos and Branded Content for major brands have views in the 100’s of millions.